Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh My Freaking God! Ambrosia Review

by: Erin Noelle
Ambrosia (Book Boyfriend, #2)
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After coming to terms with the tragedy that rocked her world, Scarlett MacGregor has returned to try to pick up the pieces of the broken relationships that she left behind.

Ash and Mason were left devastated and heartbroken following Scarlett’s sudden, unannounced departure. They are both ready and willing to forgive her and welcome her back into their lives with open arms. However, a lot can happen in 8 months…

Scarlett must learn to overcome the obstacles thrown in her path to prevent the past from repeating itself. Can she learn to fly with her own wings and discover the secret to eternal love?
5 Oh my God, Frustrated me to the end of the Earth SmutWhore Stars!
Well, Ambrosia picks up right where Metamorphosis leaves off. Scarlett is back. And in true Scarlett immature fashion, she makes a mess out of everything. Scarlett comes back and falls right into Mason's arms. Let me just say, I am Team Mason. As in, Team Mason, please leave Scarlett the hell alone and come to mama!  Let her have Ash. LOL. Anyway, no questions asked, he takes her back, they fall into bed, and it starts a whole mess of craziness!! Yep, craziness.
Mason is keeping a secret from Scarlett. After someone lets the cat out of the bag, we think okay, this is going to work. Okay, here's the deal. The secret is that the band is moving. Scarlett seems fine, but we should know that 1)Ash is obviously her soul mate and not giving up  2)she is immature (I mean, hey, she's only 20 and do we really think she is mature enough to have a long distance relationship?) and 3)there is always someone out to ruin a good thing. That someone is Bitchy McBitch, Mason's hookup/Band Manager.

Bitchy McBitch stirs shit up and we get introduced to a shitstorm of events. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, the shit hits the fan and things go from bad to worse.. I don't want to ruin this book for anyone, so I am going to stop discussing that and just say OMG.

Rant Alert:
I am a pissed off woman at this point. Pissed off that my man Mase let things get to him so bad. Pissed off that Scarlett fell for The Bitch's bullshit. Pissed off that a book got to me so much. And pissed off that the book stopped at the point when I just caught my breath. When this book ended, I was a snot nosed, blotchy faced, ugly crying mess in need of a damn antidepressant and pack of tums. I am in NEED of my next fix. Please, Erin Noelle, please don't make us wait long. I am DYING here!

As pissed off as this book made me, I have no choice but to give it 5 stars. I mean, come on, any book that can get you worked up like that is totally worthy of a high rating. Otherwise, I would've said, meh, and moved on.

READ THIS BOOK! Of course, don't read this book unless you've read Metamorphosis or else this book isn't going to make any sense at all to you. So, if you haven't read Metamorphosis, READ IT and then READ THIS BOOK!

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