Friday, November 8, 2013

Switch It On

Switch it On
by: J.H. Craig
Switch It On (Switch Stories)
Warning: This is an adult book, discussing adult themes. If you are not an adult, or have ever
referred to your fun zone as "down there", this is probably not the book for you! Contained herein are graphic descriptions of sex, bondage, discipline,dominance and submission, and the language is honest, not sugar-coated. You'll find fetishes with which you may be unfamiliar, including Mommy-son play, and
forniphilia (using people as furniture). You'll find dirty talk, crude language,and lapses into the poetical. There is also brief mention of mental illness and medication for same. Oh, and love. You'll find that, too. I wish I'd been
warned it would come up! If it were a movie, Switch It On would definitely have to be rated NC-17.

Working as a Dominant at The Basement, I could tell you some stories! None of them are as twisted as the one I'm going to share with you. You see, Miss Madeline's got a secret.

It would surprise my clients, those who pay me to dominate them. It would surprise Ian, my sleazy boss, who loves to cheat me out of my pay and handle the help, if I let him get away with it. It would surprise my assistant, Trey, who desperately wants and needs my protection. It would surprise Murray, the scummy promoter who profits from my creative efforts in my fetish shows.

The only one not surprised? The one who holds the secret, my lover, artist Jason Merrin. He knows I don't always need to be the boss, that when I come home, sometimes it's the last thing I want. He can step up and keep me in line whenever I need it.

But when Ian threatens Trey with termination, I have to make a decision. I can't stand by and let Trey submit to this sexual harassment. Can I offer Trey my protection? And what will Jason have to say about it? Find out in Switch It On!
4 I love it when a book starts with a warning Stars!!
My Review
First off, when a book starts with a warning, my blood gets pumping! Wow, what a spicy little quick read! This book was short, sweet, and to the point and I loved it. I normally shy away from shorts reads because I am more of a full-length novel kind of girl. When the author contacted me to possibly review this book, I had to do it. I am so glad I did!

This is my first J.H. Craig book and it will not be my last. The book was well written and seriously steamy. I am not a hard-core BDSM lover, and luckily this one had a story line with it. It was like soft BDSM. :)

If you like this kind of thing, give it a try. Be sure to keep an open mind, as you will need it! Great read!!


  1. Thanks so much! You are too kind!

  2. Aww! I am just being honest here. This book rocked!!