Friday, June 21, 2013


Written by: Kelly Mooney

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Maggie Collins is running away from everything she knows and loves. The only thing she ever wanted was to go to college, open up her own bakery, and marry the man of her dreams. Years later she still struggles to face a secret sheʼs hidden from everyone since she was little. With her brother, Jeremy, and her boyfriend, Luke having the time of their lives at Northwestern, she makes the hardest decision of her life--to let them go. Unfortunately, that means giving up her own heart to protect theirs. What she hadnʼt planned on doing was working at a strip club to pay bills, or to meet someone new that may be able to make her feel whole again.

Luke Matthews has more than he could ask for. Heʼs attending his favorite University, has the girl of his dreams, and lives with his best friends. The one morning when he wakes to find her scribbled note telling him sheʼs leaving flips his world upside down. Unable to cope, he turns to booze and pills to numb his pain. It isnʼt until almost two years later and losing all hope when he stumbles upon Maggie. And of all places, working in a strip club.

Convincing her to come home with them is the easy part, but finding out the real reason for her leaving could destroy them both.

3.95 Smutwhore Stars!

My review:

I am so glad I didn't see the reviews before I purchased this one! I found this one cruising through the Shop section on my Nook for New Releases. The blurb sounded good, so I thought, what the hell.  I was captivated from the very beginning.

Bless Maggie's little heart. Geezus! What she went through was enough to make any girl a little cray cray! In my opinion, she made the ultimate sacrifice. I don't agree with what she did, but a scared to death youngster like herself did what she thought was best for her and everyone around her. She got herself together as best she could and moved forward. Gotta give props to her for that! I totally get why she wouldn't tell Jeremy. She was always trying to put everyone else before herself.

Luke. Ahh, swoonworthy! I haven't met a Luke yet that I haven't fallen madly in love with! I have said this before in reviews, but if an author uses the name Luke, she better make damn sure he lives up to it because no matter which author it is, I will always compare Luke's character right back to Kristen Ashley's Luke Stark. Call me crazy, but that name just means something. King of like Travis, Kellan, Christian, you get the idea. Anyhoo, Luke lived up to his name. And let me just say, bless his heart, too. I want to give him a giant hug.

Max, ahh, Max. You put Maggie back together again and if she doesn't choose you, I will take you. You can buy me a bakery! I want his story now! Please, please Kelly give us Max's story. You made us fall in love with him and now we want, no we need more!

This book is a little more sad/depressing than I like, but overall I liked the book and definitely don't regret the purchase one bit. I could see myself doing a reread a year from now.

However, I give that cover 5 Smutwhore Stars! I love it!


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